Easter Part 2

I got a bit exited about the wheatgrass, it has taken over my kitchen. I needed to have something green, especially when it started snowing outside again. I dyed some Easter eggs as well. The yellows are dyed with turmeric. I boiled turmeric in water for about 10 minutes. Then I added some salt and vinegar and let the emptied eggs  soak in the dye for over night. The pink colour is red food colouring and the turquoise blue is  actually green food colouring (why it turned blue, I don’t know). I found this video on youtube on how to make tie-dye Easter eggs. Mine didn’t work out quite as well, but I like the colours of these four together. At least I have spring inside when it’s snowing outside.







Easter decorations

I haven’t done a lot of creative things lately apart from a crochet project that is turning quite long. But this week I got an inspiration for Easter decorations. I took some willow branches, put then into a glass jar and made little bobbles out of some of the naturally dyed yarns I have. I also planted some wheatgrass. I’m feeling a bit impatient because I want them to grow fast. I’m so happy the spring is here!IMG_6619_2